Radio and engagement procedure

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Radio and engagement procedure Empty Radio and engagement procedure

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1. When to communicate with the radio ?

- You mustn't break the radio silence, unless strict necessity, in order to not reveal your presence to the ennemy.

- If you make a contact (hydrophone or visual) with a convoy, you have to report it as soon as possible by radio : estimated size, position, course and speed, the escorts number and type (destroyers, corvettes, aircraft carrier ...).

- When following a convoy, if its route is changing and if you have already signaled it, then you have to precise the new course and speed by sending a new radio report.

- If you receive an ennemy contact report from another U-Boot and you are able to plot an interception course smaller than 70 km, then you must immediately start to sail, and announce your intentions by radio.

- At the end of an attack, you have to send a radio message to precise your results (ships sunk and damaged, precise type's name and nationality), how many torpedoes remain, and if you plan to attack again later this convoy.

- If your U-Boot is damaged, please send a status report to precise your situation, and if you need to return to base.

2. How to communicate with the radio ?

- Before your message, you have to precise : date and hour (in game) / your U-Boot number / your recipient / your current position with four digits (see TUTORIALS). Example :

March, 7 - 14:00
U-58 to BdU
AL 5412

- Your messages have to be as short as possible to avoid detection of your position by the ennemy (Huff Duff detection by goniometry).

- If possible, send them before and during the night.

- Important note : You have to give the GMT of the game (always displayed in the bottom right-hand corner), not the local hour displayed with the date.

3. Engagement procedure

- If you receive an automatic radio contact on the navigation map, you have to not take it into account, but send me a PM in which you describe it to me (date, hour, position, speed, course, type). This contact simulates an information known only by BdU. It will allow me to re-organize the U-Boots groups in order to be sure to intercept the convoy.

- If you find a convoy, you have to follow (shadow) the convoy, remain undetected, and wait for an answer from BdU. You may attack it without waiting if its speed is more than 14 knots).

- Else, you can start the attack only when the BdU allows you.

- If you regain contact with the convoy and want to attack it again, you don't have to ask permission.

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