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1. What's the principle ?

Several players will play the same single mission containing only scripted (not random) units. Each U-Boot will be in communication between them and with the BdU (Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote : chief of the submarines : me). All the radio messages will be written on this forum. Thus, a real cooperation can take place in order to increase the probability to find and intercept convoys !

Grey Wolves ! Let's begin the hunt !

2. How you may play this mission

- You can play this mission at home when you want and as you want, with your own personal mod list, and whatever supermod.

- You have to follow the few rules about time simulation (see below), radio messages, and attack's engagement (see topic "Radio and engagement procedure").

- You have to register on this forum (see topic "How to register on this forum"), and let me know your U-Boot's number and Kommandant's name (see topic "Register here").

- You have to post your radio messages on this forum.

- Always check if there are new radio messages before starting to play : when you connect to the forum, never click on the last message sent, but open the beta test thread and check if the Radio messages topic has been updated. If yes, download the updated radio script to receive the messages from BdU and from the other players directly in SH3 at the proper time !

- I strongly advice you to regularly save your game, for example each 12 game-hours, and with a title precising the date and hour (game time) of the save.

- I also strongly advise you to write a small U-Boot's logbook, in which you will note your intentions, actions, ships sunk, problems, remarks, and messages received. Thus, it will be easier for the debriefing at the end of the patrol.

3. About time simulation

- The virtual time (VT) of the gameplay will have exactly the same speed as the real life time (RT). This is required for having the best coordination possible between players and with the BdU.

- This VT is composed of a date and an hour. The virtual date is of course not the same as the real one. But the hour will be the same as the RT hour. The reference RT hour will be the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, see here : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]). So, when it is 14:00 (GMT) in real life, it is 14:00 in SH3. Warning ! In SH3, you have to take the GMT of the game into account, not the local time !!!

- So, that means that when 45 real hours have passed since the beginning of the campaign, you are not allowed to play at time compression (TC) higher than 1 when 45 virtual hours have passed in SH3.

- Ideally, every players should play one virtual day every real day.

- If you play too slow, a problem like this one may occur : if another player sinks HMS Revenge at RT=X and VT=Y, you won't be allowed to sink her again at RT=X + 5 hours for example, even if VT=Y - 2 hours.

4. What you need

- JSGME : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

- the Alberich mod : it contains a set of units (ships and aircrafts selected from different supermods (including GWX 3.0, LSH v.5.1, WAC 4.1 and GWM v.37), and reworked by me for more realism), and my GridXXXX mod (which allows you to give your grid-position with 4 digits after the two letters).

- the campaign files and the radio script (containing players' and BdU's messages, received directly in your game !).

- your own personal mission file : i will send it to you by PM, each player having a different start position at sea.

- Very important : You must read carefully the readme files included in the downloads, else, your game will crash.

5. If you have any questions

Feel free to send me your questions at [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

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